Warranty & Returns

1. Warranties & Returns

  • All our products are covered by a 12 month warranty.
  • Less than 1% of all Cybotech shipped products are subject to any warranty or quality issue.
  • In the unlikely event of a quality defect that causes the device to be unacceptable for sale or unusable during the 12 months after receiving the product, we will accept a return. When we have received the goods, we will either repair the item, or offer full credit towards ordering a replacement.
  • If you experience any problem with a product bought from Cybotech, contact us first and we will do our best to advise you. Any returns must be discussed with Cybotech Customer Support in advance, and authorized so they are sent with the correct paperwork.
  • In the event of any returned goods where you are requesting a repair / credit under warranty, your shipping costs returning the products to Cybotech’s Head Office in Gauteng are payable by you,  and cannot be compensated by Cybotech.
  • Physical damage to a product caused by the user; opening products up, e.g. to repair or modify components; or flashing the firmware or using non-approved software – invalidates the warranty.


2. Cybotech Detailed Warranty & Returns Policy

Cybotech guarantees all products bought from us with a 12-month warranty against defects in quality.

All of our products go through a thorough test process before being sold in our online shop. These tests include drop test, water / moisture test, depth tests, altitude tests, temperature tests, safety tests and so forth. All information of a product such as the manual are included in the package. Before delivery all products are double checked for any defects.


3. Introduction

This article is about the warranty on products you buy from Cybotech SA and online at http://cybotech.co.za.

All our orders are dispatched from our shop in Gauteng. Each product is quality checked, including product appearance checks, the functionality of the hardware and software, the packaging, and inclusion of all applicable accessories and power adapters. Seals might have to be broken to check product functionality. This ensures that our customers receive products in 100% working condition.

Cybotech undertakes to communicate openly, promptly, and carefully with all customers in relation to issues with received goods.

If you have received goods which appear to be defected, please contact us immediately to avoid warranty issues. Our friendly customer service will be happy to assist you in any way.


4. Cybotech’s “14 Day NO Hassle Returns Warranty”

  a. A product can only be returned within 14-days based on the following terms and conditions:

We will be happy refund, replace or credit you if all conditions are met.

Non Defective Product / Incorrect Product Purchased:

  • Product must still be in its original sealed packaging.
  • All our products are covered and sealed with shrink wrap.
  • We will not accept any returns should this shrink wrap be removed.
  • We check all returns for any physical marks or damage before any refund is made.

Please Note!! Should you wish to return a non-defective product after the seal was broken, we will deduct 15% of the original price and refund the rest once we have received the returned product.


   b. A product cannot be returned within 14-days based on the following terms and conditions:

Unfortunately we cannot accept any returns if any of these conditions apply to you.

Non Defective Product / Incorrect Product Purchased:

  • If damaged was caused by lightning or a power surge. Our technicians will check all units before any refunds are made
  • Opening of Products: If the product was opened and/or repaired while still under warranty.
  • If there are any visible marks and/or damage to the product caused by abuse or misuse of a product. Please consult your manual for proper usage.
  • If found that the product was abused or misused, we will return the product and bill you for the delivery, technical check-up, admin fees incurred to us.


   c. Returns Handling Fee and Penalties

We will charge a 25% Handling Fee for Returns based on the following information:

  • If an item was opened within 14-days but the item is still 100% working condition.
  • If you are returning a faulty within 14-days, but not returned in the original packaging or the original packaging has been damaged (eg. sellotape, marker pen, dirt, torn boxes, etc)


5. Our product warranties do not include the following but can be provided:

– Technical support on product installation and usability
– Advice about product’s configuration or any software issues
– Recommendations about how to connect products or compatibility
– Software/OS updating or firmware flashing as it would void the product’s warranty
– Product issue diagnostic and troubleshooting advice

6. Warranty by Default Covers Repair

Cybotech’s warranty covers the repairs done on your faulty item, and will return it for free. Other compensation is not normally available if the product can be repaired promptly.

If an item is impossible to repair to a good working condition, or would take too long to do so, the next step  would be to offer you the same / equivalent product depending on the product’s availability, or a full refund.


7. When Does The 12 Month Warranty Start From?

The warranty period begins from the receipt of the items. The period is exactly 365 days from that time. Proof of delivery time is captured on our courier’s system.


8. Who Pays For What When Returning a Product?


We cover the return fees on the following conditions (withing 14-days):

  • Faulty items
  • Incorrect item size/colour
  • Not as pictured/described
  • Incorrect item delivered

All our products are checked for any damage. We also ensure all products are well packed before being shipped and we have a good reputation for the way our packages are packed. They are also labeled with fragile stickers to ensure that maximum precautionary measures are taken. Thus it is highly unlikely that you will receive a damaged product.


We DO NOT pay return fees for the following conditions:

  • I have changed my mind
  • I don’t like the product
  • Unwanted birthday gift
  • Not as I thought it would be like
  • I wanted more functions
  • Incorrect product purchased


9. In What Situations Are Returns/Refunds NOT Approved By Cybotech?

– Unapproved returns or returned products not processed through Cybotech’s RMA procedure;
– Products whose warranty period has expired;
– Received returned products that are damaged because of inadequate return packaging;
– Products that were originally approved for return through our RMA procedure but have been confirmed by our QC engineers to be not broken and actually well-functioning after testing, shall not be returned to the buyer, unless the buyer pays return shipping;
– Physically damaged or broken products caused by misuse or mishandling, subjects to manufacture technical test result;
– Returns of your unwanted, unsold yet functional products;
– Products bought by mistake.
– We have the right to deduct any percentage of the refund accordingly to the products condition upon receipt of the returned product such as eg. damaged packaging, removed screen and/or lens protectors or any covering or protection, and visible scratch/damage marks.
– We have the right to reject any returned product if it falls outside our warranty & returns policy



10. The customer is solely responsible for choosing the right product, including for example

  • The “correct” desired memory capacity
  • The “right ” feature or product or compatibility
  • Colour
  • Garment size
  • Screen size
  • Touchscreen type
  • Digital TV format( DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB-T )
  • GSM band
  • NTSC/PAL colour region
  • Software version
  • Power Output / Input
  • Cross platform capabilities


We will send you exactly what you order, so please read descriptions carefully before purchasing.

If the consignee of a delivery refuses or fails to accept delivery for any reason, including an incorrect delivery address, Cybotech accepts no liability and the customer will not be eligible for compensation.