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Anet AM8 Upgrade Frame | Local Stock


Transform you current Anet A8 into this awesome full metal 3d printer with this Anet AM8 Upgrade Frame kit. You simply need to transfer all your current hardware and electronics to the new frame and you are ready to print at much faster speeds and still achieve those perfect results every time.



Anet AM8 Upgrade Frame

This is perfect for those who own an Anet A8 and would like to rebuild it into an Anet AM8 Upgrade Frame. Why would I want to do that you ask? Well, the Anet AM8 Upgrade Frame has proven over and over to be a much more stable system, with less wobble and much faster printing speeds, yet getting those perfect print results every time.

The Anet AM8 Upgrade Frame consists of 7 pieces of aluminum, a set of plastic molded parts and a set of stainless steel fasteners required to assemble the printer. Rebuilding the Anet A8 into the Anet AM8 Upgrade Frame is very simple, you simply disconnect all the wires, loosen all motors, switches, and all other hardware and electronic parts required and install all of this into your brand new aluminum frame.

You will use mostly everything from the original printer: motors, power supply, display, control board, guide and threaded bars, extruders, bearings, lead screws & brass nuts, etc..

Various Options such as Colours and Package Sizes Available:
1. Complete (Aluminum Profiles + Fasteners + Plastic Parts)
2. Aluminum (Aluminum Profiles Only)
3. Plastic (Plastic Molded Parts Only)
4. Fasteners (Corner Brackets, End Caps, Bolts & T-Nuts Only)

Aluminum profiles:
2x 440mm
3x 313mm
2x 340mm

100x T-Nut M5
50x T-Nut M4
100x Low Profile Bolts M5
50 x Low Profile Bolts M4
6x Aluminum Corner Brackets M4
6x Plastic End Caps

Plastic Molded Parts:
All molded plastic parts such as Corner Plates, Motor Brackets, Rod Holders, End Stop Brackets, PSU Bracket, 2x Mosfet & Main Board Bracket, etc.


NB! Other parts such as M3 fasteners, alu bed carriage plates, etc to be used from old Anet A8 frame.

Weight 2 kg
Colour Option

None, Transparent, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow

Package Option

Complete, Aluminum, Plastic, Fasteners

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